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Client Testimonials

Allison Braley, Director of Public Relations at ZocDoc:

"I have hired the DavElle team for numerous public relations projects. They consistently deliver creative ideas, first-rate work, and most importantly, great results. I would recommend DavElle for any brand that wants broader exposure."

Yanique Woodall, Vice President, Enterprise Public Relations, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM, INC.:

"Davina Coard-Martoral and Michelle Jerrier are two highly respected Public Relations Professionals that consistently receive accolades from clients, media professionals and colleagues. They offer personalized attention, business strategy and service, leveraging their extensive network of strategic partners and media to promote brands. Their business acumen is to be commended, as they always ensure that their PR goals are aligned with the organization’s overall business goals resulting in a stronger ROI."

Jacalyn Lee, Former Director of Public Relations at XO Group Inc. (formerly know as the Knot Inc.)

"You can always count on DavElle PR to aggressively pitch your brand (without driving journalists mad), and that's the reason I've hired them for several PR projects. They have a keen understanding of what makes a good story, how to tell it, who our target audience is, and the connections to make it all happen. I would recommend them to any brand looking to spruce up media relations results with or without hard news to leverage."